Sales and operational excellence consulting

Sales and operational excellence consulting


Claudette Cunitz, CSP, TSC Certified

Claudette brings a rare combination of successful staffing firm ownership, sales acumen, and operations excellence to her clients. Over the course of Claudette’s career, she has a proven track record of improving sales by growing the bottom line, managing operational standards, and finding efficiency opportunities. By continually improving her own firm for the changing demands placed on staffing, she is an expert in assisting owners and leaders in change management. 

Additionally, Claudette served as a board member and officer of the American Staffing Association national board of directors for 12 years. She is ASA certified in both CSP and TSC. 

Sales, Better Business Solutions and Consulting


Employment Law and Compliance


Claudette brings a unique understanding of employment law, particularly in temp and contract labor, leading her to design a training curriculum - “Co-Employment, Roles and Responsibilities of the Staffing Firm and Client” - which she's taught to over 3,000 client managers to keep clients legally compliant and savvy on industry standards.

Consulting and Better Business Practices


Claudette presently specializes in consulting with staffing firms on business best practices and recruitment solutions, sharing her expertise with clients on social, mobile, and cloud solutions to help organizations connect and hire the very best talent. With an informed perspective from multiple business sectors, Claudette provides objective solutions for all staffing needs.

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Business Best Practices

Formally trained in ISO standards and Six Sigma process improvement, Claudette specializes in removing internal process clutter for a more streamlined workflow. Some of her clients include: 

  • General Motors
  • American Staffing Association
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Toyota 
  • Chrysler Corporation


Staffing Strategies

With thoughtful analysis, Staffing strategies are achieved through employer branding, recruitment tactics, and candidate attraction.  Claudette has worked with a multitude of Fortune 500 companies ranging from $10 million to $5 billion. 


Building Sales Teams

By engineering sales strategies and training curriculums that fit core markets, Claudette has developed a winning formula for thriving sales forces.  Moreover, Claudette's enthusiasm and passion for staffing excellence is contagious, helping to form and invigorate positive sales cultures from the top down.